About Us

Lochiel is the trading name of David Newport. David graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in 2003 with a Bachelor of Engineering, first class honours. David started work in Jan 2004 at Queensland Rail’s historic Ipswich Workshop performing tasks as diverse as boiler inspections of steam locomotives and developing production methods in a blacksmith shop. After 2 years at Ipswich, David made the transfer to QR’s freight rollingstock engineering section, and then to plant engineering. David became a registered professional engineer in Queensland in 2010 (RPEQ10438). Part of Queensland Rail was privatised in 2010, and David became a senior plant engineer, responsible for the resurfacing and rail grinding machine fleets with the new entity, QR National, later Aurizon. David left Aurizon in 2015 to start his own business, working as a mechanical engineer specialising in the rail industry.

David’s work has taken him to many locations, from Mt Surprise to the Border Loop and everywhere in between in Queensland, all mainland states of Australia, and international locations in USA, Mexico, Italy and Japan.

Origin of the Lochiel name:

David started a business while still in primary school, fattening cattle on his parent’s grain and cattle property ‘Lochiel’ at Headington Hill on the Darling Downs, Qld, eventually saving up enough to buy his first car. David retains an interest in the property. Since 2012, he has taken over management of all of the cattle, running 84 head of mixed beef breeds at the time of writing.

David’s Grandfather Norm and Father Colin working on Lochiel in the 60s.
David visited the Thai-Burma railway in 2014, where his Grandfather Norm worked as a prisoner of the Japanese.